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A Word from the Chief Commissioner

chief Commissioner

A Word from the Chief Commissioner

Folks, according to many, I shouldna��t be writing this article, andA�neither should you be reading it; not because of ChristianA�liberalism, or religious opposition, but because we shouldna��t beA�here! According to the Mayan Calendar that is, December 21stA�was when the world was meant to end.

Michael Drosnin,A�author of a�?The Bible Code,a�� agrees, although having a slightlyA�different approach.A�Sadly, because of their a�?dooms-daya�� prediction many worldwideA�sold their homes, left their jobs, and even families in pursuit ofA�a a�?last daysa�� rally; a�?The end has come.a�� Others wentA�underground, building bunkers, stockpiling food and waterA�while taking up survival courses. Many more sat in wait,A�multitudes in fear as the clock ticked over. For these, DecemberA�22nd came with a combination of embarrassment, confusion,A�and relief. Those that sold their homes and left their jobs haveA�some rebuilding to do, not only of their lives, but credibility.

Additionally, relationships may be in need of repair, and bankA�accounts balanced.A�On the other hand, others laughed, mocking the a�?dooms-daya��A�prediction with tongue-in-cheek media announcements,A�Internet jokes, and a�?end of the worlda�� parties.A�As sad as it is for the many that got caught up in the falseA�predictions, equally alarming is the casual and dismissiveA�attitude of mockers. In both cases, the Bible has something toA�say.
For those making predictions, Jesus said: a�?no one knowsA�the day and houra�? (Matt. 24:36, 44); and for the mockers,A�Peter said: a�?scoffers will come in the last daysa�? (2 Pet. 3:3).A�Peter (2 Pet. 3), alongside Jesus (Matt. 24-25) states, a�?the worldA�as we know it will end.a�� This event coincides with Christa��sA�return (Rev. 19:11-21). On that day, those rejecting Jesus willA�pay with their natural lives (Rev. 19:18), and then eternally (Rev.A�20:11-15).
For those of us escaping the wrath to come by acceptingA�Christ, Peter reminds: God seeks a lifestyle of repentance (2A�Pet: 3:10b), through a commitment ofA�holiness and steadfast living (vv. 11, 17);A�and a watchful eye for His return (v. 12).A�Folks, Jesus is coming (Rev. 1:7)a��A�be ready (Matt; 24:44)!
God bless
Chief Commissioner