Everyman’s staff have served through the Korean conflict, Malaya, Vietnam, Cambodia and more recently East Timor and Solomon Islands. The work continues today with Everyman’s staff regularly deploying on Military exercises or overseas operations.

General Peter Cosgrove’s commendation of Everyman’s

Everyman’s received a Chief of the Defence Force Commendation for the service and support that they provided to INTERFET personnel deployed to East Timor. “I can personally attest to the sterling support Everyman’s offered us there, and also to our families at home. Everyman’s is a worthy cause – worthy in its goals and worthy of wider community support.”

WW-II, Singapore and Malaya

The Vietnam War

UNTAC, Cambodia

HELPEM FRM, Solomon Is. An Everymans Rep recently returned from supporting the Australian Troops in The Solomon Islands. As the Solomon’s are made up of many islands doing brew runs to each location can have its difficulties. Fortunately the ADF were very helpful and came up with some great ways of getting him to his destinations.

INTERFET, East Timor English Lessons in East Timor Never let it be said that the unit philanthropic rep doesn’t have to be a versatile man. I used to loathe and curse the multiple layers of dirt and grime that would make it’s way up the back of that dark green Rover in the days I traversed and battled the goat tracks of East Timor. It seemed as if every spot of sand on that dark green paintwork, stood out like a lighthouse on the dark side of the moon. How onerous it was to have to scrub it all off after every trip and every brew run. Then quite by accident I stumbled across an almost ingenious plan.

One day I stood trying to fend off the multitude of East Timorese kids, who all over the country realised that the dark green truck housed “bon bon.” It was then that I actually came to realise that there is even a use for innumerable coatings of filth and dirt caked on the back of my truck. One of the “hormones racing at a million miles an hour” young adolescents wanted to know how to write “girls” in English. Of course the first thing I thought of was “I need a blackboard,” only to realise I had an excellent blackboard standing right next to me. As I proceeded to write with my finger in all the dirt and filth on the back of the truck, I realised that the Everyman yet again was performing another valuable service to the future generations of East Timor. I was pleased to write on the “blackboard” every word asked of me, with the exception of certain ones taught by soldiers on the previous Ausbatt. I soon found myself the unofficial teacher of English to the kids of Balibo.

So the next time I washed down the back of that old green truck, I could for a moment, ponder with joy, the one reason why the dirt of half of East Timor sticking to the back of my vehicle, could actually be a good thing. I assured myself that maybe, just maybe, that old green truck had been part of sowing the seeds of literacy, for the next generation of East Timorese.