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Jeff Greene

Land Warfare Centre, Kokoda Barracks Canungra, QLD

Jeff Greene

Jeff came to Everyman’s in such an amazing way that he felt compelled to share that journey with you… “I have had a burden on my heart for ages to reach out and help men in in all walks of life, so a few years back I initiated a men’s group at our church called “MEN’S MESS”. The idea of Men’s Mess was based on the concept of an “Army Mess”, where personnel would meet, come together for food, fellowship and support (natural and spiritual). Interestingly, this was ages before I had heard the name “EVERYMAN’S WELFARE SERVICE”.

A short time after starting Men’s Mess for the church, my Pastor informed me that a rep from Everyman’s, Phil Marshall, had contacted him regarding a speaking engagement at our church; however this meeting did not eventuate. Six months later the proprietor of a coffee shop at Ferny Grove, the suburb where I reside, handed me an Everyman’s card with Phil Marshall’s name on it. He also said to me that I should contact Phil. I thought at the time that it was interesting that someone else outside the church environment should mention Everyman’s and Phil to me. I remember praying and asking God what his will was, and for him to show me without any doubt if he wanted me to be involved in Everyman’s. After lifting up the matter to the Lord, I abandoned the prayer solely, and left it in the hands of my Heavenly Father.

At the same time I made a conscious decision not to do anything in the natural until somehow the Lord confirmed his will. I do recall thinking at the time that it would be almost impossible for God to show me in a real powerful way if I should be a part of Everyman’s, especially without me instigating any actions on my part, but I was wrong!

A number of months had passed again, during which time I had almost forgotten about the prayer request, then one day at my workplace at Brisbane Airport an interesting meeting took place. I recall walking past a gentleman in the foyer who was introduced to me as “Phil Marshall”, and then I was handed his card. On seeing the name I thought to myself that it sounded familiar! Then as I walked outside my work building I nearly fell over; there parked in the building carpark was a van with “EVERYMAN’S WELFARE SERVICE” written on it. Mind you, this happened at a location about 30 kilometres away from my church, home and the coffee shop at Ferny Grove! I believe that God had placed Phil and Everyman’s right under my nose, answering and confirming my prayer about being part of this organisation in a real and tangible way. I contacted Phil; and after chatting with him about Everyman’s I realised this was where the Lord wanted me to be, so I signed up! I still work full time for the Government, but am happy to be part of Everyman’s, on weekends, days off and in anyway needed. I am currently attached to Canungra Army Base – B13C & B13D – KOKODA BARRACKS.” Jesus Is Lord!

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