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Everyman’s Ministry at Army Logistics Training Centre (Bandiana, Bonegilla)

Rep Len Bergin continues to have a great year at ALTC as he now has a great deal more contact with the soldiers at Latchford Barracks. The officers there have drawn Len into their training programme and he is getting out bush to see them more and more. On one occasion recently, Len was asked by a young soldier why he decided to do Everyman’s. Len could not let go a great opportunity to share his faith as his coming to the Lord in the first place, led directly soon after to his deciding to serve the Lord through the evangelistic outreach of Everyman’s. As Len shared God’s love for him and as he described his initial salvation experience from a man who thought he was right with God but in the end realised he was sinful and heading for judgement, a small group of young soldiers who had just joined the Army gathered around to hear. Many no doubt heard the Gospel for the first time.

Pray that in the busy schedule of training that the soldiers may have time to touch base at Latchford with Len again in the near future. Pray also for Len that he will be empowered with stamina as most weeks he needs to travel to Kapooka to help Rep. Milton Wilson on Thursdays and Fridays due to the critical lack of a full time worker at Kapooka at this time.