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Farewell to REP Milton Wilson

It is with some sadness but also praise that we bid farewell to our faithful EWS REP Milton WILSON.
Milton has decided to retire from his many years of EWS service due to some on-going health challenges he is facing. But what has always inspired us about Milton, was his dedication despite his age which had never been a barrier to him. Up until recent times Milton, in his 70’s, was still very fit, and capable of undertaking his role as an Everyman’s REP at Kapooka. The young recruits were always stunned at his energy and strength right up until recent times often seeing him arrive in his “PT” gear. He was a “grandfather” figure to recruits and staff alike, and his service over the years has been nothing short of exemplary. Not only that, Milton would put his hands to the wheel to help out any mate. Right up until he began to have some health issues, Milton would gladly help friends harvest crops in 40 degree heat. That passion was always passed onto the ADF as he not only manned the Rec Centre constantly, he took the brew truck out in the extremes of Kapooka weather, but he also visited the hospital on base and sat with those who were unable to make it through the training. Milton was firm in sharing his Christian faith, but was never pushy, and always respected the other person. The ‘Miltons’ of this world are hard to find in this day and age.
We all wish Milton could serve on as a REP, but of course the restrictions of age come us all in the fullness of time. Milton has been one of the few who have served on as EWS REPs into their 70’s. In fact we believe there have been fewer than 5 in our whole 81 year history who have achieved this.
We wish Milton and his wife Sandra, God’s richest blessings into the future and thank them both for faithful and exemplary service to the ADF, to EWS, and ultimately in following the example of Jesus Christ to whom they are both faithfully committed.