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A Word from the Chief Commissioner

Folks, according to many, I shouldn’t be writing this article, and neither should you be reading it; not because of Christian liberalism, or religious opposition, but because we shouldn’t be here! According to the Mayan Calendar that is, December 21st was when the world was meant to end.

Michael Drosnin, author of ‘The Bible Code,’ agrees, although having a slightly different approach. Sadly, because of their ‘dooms-day’ prediction many worldwide sold their homes, left their jobs, and even families in pursuit of a ‘last days’ rally; ‘The end has come.’ Others went underground, building bunkers, stockpiling food and water while taking up survival courses. Many more sat in wait, multitudes in fear as the clock ticked over. For these, December 22nd came with a combination of embarrassment, confusion, and relief. Those that sold their homes and left their jobs have some rebuilding to do, not only of their lives, but credibility.

Additionally, relationships may be in need of repair, and bank accounts balanced. On the other hand, others laughed, mocking the ‘dooms-day’ prediction with tongue-in-cheek media announcements, Internet jokes, and ‘end of the world’ parties. As sad as it is for the many that got caught up in the false predictions, equally alarming is the casual and dismissive attitude of mockers. In both cases, the Bible has something to say.
For those making predictions, Jesus said: “no one knows the day and hour” (Matt. 24:36, 44); and for the mockers, Peter said: “scoffers will come in the last days” (2 Pet. 3:3). Peter (2 Pet. 3), alongside Jesus (Matt. 24-25) states, ‘the world as we know it will end.’ This event coincides with Christ’s return (Rev. 19:11-21). On that day, those rejecting Jesus will pay with their natural lives (Rev. 19:18), and then eternally (Rev. 20:11-15).
For those of us escaping the wrath to come by accepting Christ, Peter reminds: God seeks a lifestyle of repentance (2 Pet: 3:10b), through a commitment of holiness and steadfast living (vv. 11, 17); and a watchful eye for His return (v. 12). Folks, Jesus is coming (Rev. 1:7)… be ready (Matt; 24:44)!
God bless
Chief Commissioner