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Bjorn Larsen

8/9 RAR Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera QLD

Bjorn Larsen

I was born in Mullumbimby NSW, I grew up with my mother until I was around 12 and then unfortunately had to go through some alternative housing. The only exposure to any “religion” or spirituality was new age philosophy. I considered myself an atheist throughout schooling as it was more or less what was taught.
I enlisted in the Military immediately after completing my secondary education and served around ten years, predominately withing the Royal Australian Regiment between 6 & 8/9 RAR.
After I left the military, I began for the first time in my life seriously considering existential questions. Eternity came into view and I felt a tug in my spirit to ponder and explore deeper things, I was wondering if there was more than what
I had encountered in the world.
Initially I examined eastern philosophies but again could see no truth or answers to my questions. I finally met up with some Christians who shared what their faith was. Unfortunately I stayed in the world and went through some incredibly painful years until I was truly at the end of myself.
One night I was looking back at my life and had an incredible conviction of all the hurt and damage that had been done in my life. Regardless of how difficult things had been I took responsibility for my part, I truly had a Godly sorrow which led to a repentant heart and me crying out to God, He answered in an incredible way as He always does.
I feel led to serve others, this ministry has a unique opportunity to share Christ with people in the ADF. It will be an honour for me to be able to share the love of God with those who do not know the good news.
Grace and Peace be with you all.

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