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Peter Harvie

HQ 2 DIV Randwick Barracks, Randwick NSW

Peter Harvie

My name is Peter Harvie and I am Everyman’s REP with HQ 2Div based at Randwick Barracks, Sydney. I have served with 2Div in this capacity since May 2022 and I am supported by my dear wife Donna. 

Donna and I are blessed with three adult children.  I have been studying Theology at Moore College since 2022 and I am very grateful for that opportunity.  I have been on Christian Building Mission trips in 2013, 2015 and 2017 and together with the team achieved completion of a medical centre on a remote island, as well school buildings on Santo including Big Bay Province 2015, and some in closer proximity to Luganville, Vanuatu.

Prior to Defence, commencing in 1980, I worked in various Government technical engineering and senior managerial roles from 1980. After leaving these Government roles in 2017, I have done technical contract work, beach lifeguarding work and I have also increasingly worked in Defence contract roles since 2018 at Army, Navy and Airforce bases including Penguin, Waterhen, Watson, Singleton, Holsworthy, Richmond and Randwick. More recently I have worked as Randwick Barracks Gym and Pool Leading Hand and Lifeguard Supervisor.

I am very grateful for my close association with Defence Veterans and many currently serving members.  Particularly, I reflect on a former boss who set my career in a very helpful direction in the late 80’s and another former Vietnam Vet who has been a great mentor and friend over many years.  Various of my family forebears served, either in Army, Navy or Airforce in WW1 and WW2 and I am grateful for all of their service. It is a great honour to be serving currently as an Everyman’s Representative with HQ 2Div with the opportunity to walk alongside Defence members and to provide encouragement in hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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