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Overseas on the Range

One of the traditional services Everyman’s has been remembered for down through the years is the “Brew Run to the Range.” Generations of Defence personnel remember the Everyman rolling up to the Rifle Range with the Brew wagon full of goodies, in weather that could be stinking hot, freezing cold, or anywhere in between.

That tradition remains alive and well on our overseas operations where CCOMM Ken is working out of the back of a Kia Sorrento hatchback, specifically ordered for Philanthropic use by the Chief of Defence. Being in a place of severe and relentless heat, (some days of 53 degrees and high humidity) the Defence members are only interested in cold drinks. Ken was able to procure a large old Engel car fridge from the Q store, and then take it to the range with bottled water which has chilled the night before. Added to that is an orange flavoured electrolyte powder mixed up on the range itself. This electrolyte is most important in these extreme environments of burning heat and humidity.

Running these mixed drinks out to our Defence members is crucial, as they wait in details in the searing heat before their shoot.

Needless to say the drinks are greatly appreciated and help Everyman’s build strong and lasting relationships with Defence members. This helps them to approach our Everyman and Everywoman afterwards with confidence if they have a problem they need to share and if they would like prayer for their needs. It creates, in the long term, great opportunities to share our Christian faith and the hope we have in it.