I was raised in a Christian family and felt the Lord calling me to follow Him. I struggled, wanting to know Him but never truly picking up my cross (Luke 9:23). I joined the Army Reserves in 2004 and served in 10/27 RSAR. In 2008 I joined the ARA and was posted to 8/9 RAR. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 with MTF-4, it was whilst there I began to read the Bible and seek the Lord. God revealed Himself to me through His Holy Spirit and I was convicted of sin, righteousness and the coming judgement (John 16:8). I repented and decided there and then that I could no longer play games with the Lord. I came back from Afghanistan a new man. I began to tell the gospel of Christ to my then girlfriend, Claudia, who was involved in a religion called Spiritism. She wanted to prove me wrong about the claims I was making so she began to read the Bible and the Lord convicted her too. She then decided to follow Jesus. We were married in March 2013. We have been attending Christian Witness Ministries Fellowship, at Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, since 2012. I discharged from the Army in November 2014 and joined the Everyman’s in March 2015. I have been assigned as a Rep for my old battalion, 8/9 RAR. I hope to be able to share my testimony of the power of God in my life and the gospel of Jesus Christ with my mates in the battalion and the Army. We are thrilled to have Ben and Claudia on board with us in Everyman’s, as we know they have a passion to see the Gospel touch the hearts of all those in our Defence Force. Ben has already been ministering to them through meeting up with soldiers (some of who are his good mates from his Army days), and discussing the Bible. To that end we are seeking to start building up personal financial support to assist Ben and Claudia in the field. Could you prayerfully consider supporting them? Feel free to contact Everyman’s National Headquarters to explore options regarding the contribution of personal financial support to this missionary couple serving with Everyman’s. We would love to hear from you via [email protected] or phone us on (02) 6055 2988 Monday to Wednesday.