Hi, my name is Glenn Tweedale. I am married with twin girls and another baby due in July! I currently manage a small business that specialises in custom civil access covers. This allows me the grace and opportunity to serve within Everyman’s.

Before my girls were born I had the pleasure of volunteering with ‘Destiny Rescue,’ which is a Christian organisation that rescues young children from brothels in different countries around the world. While there, I had the pleasure to travel to Cambodia and to do some work as a volunteer.  Wow, was that an experience! In an extremely poor village placed on the banks of one of the various sewer canals around Phnom Penh. I dug up a road and inserted drains to remove the effluent, which had been pooling around and in their huts. Ahhh the smell I will never forget that! Walking around in lovely (not) muck!

Since my girls have been born, I have been determined to serve at a more local level, such as outreach ministry. This will avoid me being away from the family too much, and work in with my new business.

Previously, I have spent some time in the Army reserves and I am really looking forward to the challenges of Everyman’s – sowing the Word while supporting our troops.

Everyman’s Welfare Service is a Not for Profit Charity that is funded through donations from individuals, businesses and churches. All donations of $2.00 or more are Tax deductible.

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